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Saving money made simple for pensioners

October 25, 2002

SAVING MONEY: John Scarborough says people should grow as much food as they can, and that lettuce, silverbeet and herbs are good crops to start with.

OLD age pensioners are the salt of the earth.

Most soldier on, without complaints.

They are not whingers.

Most went through hard times where seeking second-hand goods were a habit as there was no money to buy anything brand new.

They survived to become great, unheralded, true blue Au…

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Five money tips to give your children before they start university

October 10, 2002

In the coming weeks, hundreds of thousands of excited 18-year-olds will be heading to university. It is daunting for both the new generation of undergraduates and their parents.

University will be a long list of firsts – and many of these will involve money. Having a bank account with an over…

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