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13 tips to help save money if you live in London, from a financial expert

December 28, 2002

Because ‘savings’ and ‘London’ rarely ever feature in the same sentence

It’s no secret that London is home to some of the highest living costs in the world.

The median annual salary for London is £34,473, but there are many people – especially young people – living on well below …

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5 Big Retirement Money Mistakes to Avoid

December 17, 2002


It’s never too late to start getting smart about money.

Maybe you’ve made it this far with few problems … you’ve done pretty well all alone just by winging it. Good for you.

But retirement planning isn’t about the past 30 years of your life — it’s about the next 30. And that’s har…

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Want to retire wealthy? Start with your 'money personality'

December 7, 2002

Image result for Want to retire wealthy? Start with your 'money personality' FILED UNDERPERSONAL FINANCE  AT OCT 2

For those seeking ways to build wealth (or just to get rich quick), there’s no shortage of advice out there.

Personal finance sites abound online, and self-styled radio talk show experts dispense wisdom with varying degrees of accuracy.

But one study found that your fundamental attitudes…

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