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How to Find Prime Investments with Dividend-Growth Potentials

June 27, 2002

It is a common belief among most investment experts that the fastest way to financial growth is to invest in long-term ventures or to set a gestation period of at least 10 years for enhancing one’s prospects for bigger revenues instead of building a portfolio of short-term assets (for example, …

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Tax-savvy Tips for Retirement Savings

June 17, 2002

With the New Year with us, it is appropriate to consider your retirement savings and find out if you are benefitting at all from any applicable tax law with regard to your retirement future.

Melissa Sotudeh, a certified financial planner in Washington, D.C., offers tax-savvy advice on retirem…

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How to Retire as a Millionaire

June 9, 2002

Ready to become a million-dollar retiree?

Who would not want to become one?

From a recent survey conducted by Time Magazine, 1 of every 3 Americans has saved practically nothing for their retirement. And a surprising 23% of Americans -- almost a fourth -- have saved less than $10,000.

In sh…

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Withdrawing Income in Retirement

June 1, 2002


While we use up much of our employment income toward paying for our retirement accounts, we rarely consider what we need to do when taking it out in retirement. For example, if you have pre-tax, Roth, and taxable accounts, how much money should you take out from each account? Consider these few …

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