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Financial Tips 2018: How to get ahead on taxes, savings and insurance

December 2, 2017

It's 2018 and now’s the time to get your finances in order.

To help you and your family make all the right money moves next year, here’s a financial game plan that could help you grow your 401(k), avoid financial ruin and adjust to the new tax rules signed into law by President Trump.


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Do not be oversmart with your money

January 19, 2003

In trying to be smart with our money, sometimes we damage our long-term financial future. Here are some such common mistakes, and how to go about avoiding them.

We all intend to do the right thing with our money but sometimes our decisions and actions harm, rather than benefit, our financial sit…

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Want to retire early? Here's a plan

January 8, 2003

Ready to quit your day job? There's a trend among some personal finance gurus called FI/RE -- financially independent/retiring early. It means being able to reach a point where you have assets (investment accounts or rental property) that earn enough income to cover all of your expenses. In othe…

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13 tips to help save money if you live in London, from a financial expert

December 28, 2002

Because ‘savings’ and ‘London’ rarely ever feature in the same sentence

It’s no secret that London is home to some of the highest living costs in the world.

The median annual salary for London is £34,473, but there are many people – especially young people – living on well below …

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5 Big Retirement Money Mistakes to Avoid

December 17, 2002


It’s never too late to start getting smart about money.

Maybe you’ve made it this far with few problems … you’ve done pretty well all alone just by winging it. Good for you.

But retirement planning isn’t about the past 30 years of your life — it’s about the next 30. And that’s har…

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Want to retire wealthy? Start with your 'money personality'

December 7, 2002

Image result for Want to retire wealthy? Start with your 'money personality' FILED UNDERPERSONAL FINANCE  AT OCT 2

For those seeking ways to build wealth (or just to get rich quick), there’s no shortage of advice out there.

Personal finance sites abound online, and self-styled radio talk show experts dispense wisdom with varying degrees of accuracy.

But one study found that your fundamental attitudes…

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Three Tips New Investors Must See

November 27, 2002


When I first started investing, I had many questions. Fortunately, I had helpful and experienced investors around me who were able to guide me through my first steps as a stock market investor. However, others may not be so fortunate and may, as a result, be put off from investing due to fears o…

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Top seven tips for saving money and making your dollar work for YOU

November 10, 2002

Saving money and cutting costs is often as exciting as watching paint dry.

But finance guru and Sugar Mamma founder Canna Campbell has revealed her seven top tips to get you enthusiastic and confident about growing your bank account.

The Australian video blogger says getting yourself into …

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Saving money made simple for pensioners

October 25, 2002

SAVING MONEY: John Scarborough says people should grow as much food as they can, and that lettuce, silverbeet and herbs are good crops to start with.

OLD age pensioners are the salt of the earth.

Most soldier on, without complaints.

They are not whingers.

Most went through hard times where seeking second-hand goods were a habit as there was no money to buy anything brand new.

They survived to become great, unheralded, true blue Au…

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Five money tips to give your children before they start university

October 10, 2002

In the coming weeks, hundreds of thousands of excited 18-year-olds will be heading to university. It is daunting for both the new generation of undergraduates and their parents.

University will be a long list of firsts – and many of these will involve money. Having a bank account with an over…

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5 Money Tips to Help Your Side Hustle Succeed

September 25, 2002


1. Maintain three to six months of savings in your account. “As a contractor or part-time worker, your income will tend to ebb and flow,” Gugliuzza says. “Having an emergency fund with enough savings to cover three to six months’ worth of your critical expenses can help ensure you can pay your b…

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Easy financial tips to get on track

September 7, 2002

PictureMoney is something that individuals usually need more of but frequently find in short supply.

People worry about money.... a lot. According to the YouGov poll for the Institute of Financial Planning and National Savings and Investments in Great Britain, nearly two-thirds of respondents worried ab…

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How to invest when stocks are on a high & still make money

August 25, 2002

The equity market is on a high these days. The Sensex hit 31,291 on June 22 2017, rising about 17 per cent from a year ago and about 19 per cent year to date (YTD). Given the phenomenal rise, should investors continue to park funds in stocks?

Different people have different investing styles. Whi…

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How to Invest When Market Volatility Picks Up

August 12, 2002

We are currently investing in an extremely noisy political and economic environment. While markets have remained remarkably subdued during recent times, it is inevitable that greater volatility will emerge. The question is: how should we respond?

As investors, our natural impulse when faced with …

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How to Invest 1 Million Dollars Wisely

August 2, 2002


With $1 million to invest, do some comparison shopping and look at average costs.

I would rather have a million friends than a million dollars.--Eddie Rickenbacker

Mr. Rickenbacker is entitled to his preferences, but many of us would rather have the million dollars -- and perhaps just 10 o…

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Nine Tips for Creating a Smart Investment Strategy from Scratch

July 20, 2002

Whether you are saving for a retirement that is still decades away or building a college fund for your high school student, developing a smart, diversified investment strategy to also include real estate will not happen by accident. If you want the finances of your future to be better than the f…

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Dividend Stock Investing Strategy – How to Choose the Best Dividend Stocks

July 12, 2002

Many investors find themselves experiencing extreme emotional shifts in concert with the unpredictable rises and falls that come with stock market investing. Anxiety may hit like a ton of bricks when prices fall, while excitement sets hearts racing with exhilaration when they rise.

Those who choo…

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Investing in Individual Stocks – 5 Survival Techniques in a Changing Market

July 4, 2002

Investing in Individual Stocks – 5 Survival Techniques in a Changing MarketThere are no flashing lights, no clatter of coins hitting the metal bins of slot machines, no raucous shouts of victory or envious looks when a winner hits it big. But some believe that Wall Street is no different than the Las Vegas Strip – less glamor, less glitz, but still a place for gamblers to …

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How to Find Prime Investments with Dividend-Growth Potentials

June 27, 2002

It is a common belief among most investment experts that the fastest way to financial growth is to invest in long-term ventures or to set a gestation period of at least 10 years for enhancing one’s prospects for bigger revenues instead of building a portfolio of short-term assets (for example, …

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Tax-savvy Tips for Retirement Savings

June 17, 2002

With the New Year with us, it is appropriate to consider your retirement savings and find out if you are benefitting at all from any applicable tax law with regard to your retirement future.

Melissa Sotudeh, a certified financial planner in Washington, D.C., offers tax-savvy advice on retirem…

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